Albany Airport Shuttle
Albany Airport Shuttle

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Albany Airport Transportation Services – (518) 888-6449

Airport Transportation/Shuttle Service between Hudson Falls, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Whitehall, Granville & all of Washington County, NY and Albany Airport

Why choose Albany Airport Transportation Services?

“We strive each day to fulfill one objective – provide each customer with clean, safe airport transportation – at an affordable price!”

Susan LeBlanc

Owner, Albany Airport Transportation Services

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Airport Transportation/Shuttle Service/Livery Service/Car Service/Taxi Cab/Transfers to or from Albany (NY) International Airport:

We serve the following communities in Washington County, NY:


  • Hudson Falls
  • Fort Ann
  • Fort Edward
  • Whitehall
  • Granville
  • Greenwich
  • Kingsbury
  • Salem
  • Argyle
  • Cambridge


  • Dresden
  • Easton
  • Hampton
  • Hartford
  • Hebron
  • Jackson
  • Putnam
  • White Creek
  • East Greenwich
  • East Lake George
  • Goose Island
  • Huletts Landing
  • Kattskill Bay
  • Shushan

Also providing airport transportation/shuttle service for the following Washington County, NY hot spots (to name just a few!):

  • Moose Hillock Camping Resort-NY (Fort Ann, NY)
  • Station House B&B (Granville, NY)
  • The Sheldon Mansion Inn (Granville, NY)
  • Willard Mountain (Greenwich, NY)
  • Argyle Airport (1C3) (Argyle, NY)
  • Chapin Field (1B8) (Cambridge, NY)
  • Granville Airport (01NK) (Granville, NY)
  • Amtrak Train Station (FED) (Fort Edward, NY)
  • Amtrak Train Station (WHL) (Whitehall, NY)